True love stories don’t have endings.

Getting engaged has to be the biggest event in a young woman’s life. A young man as well, but engagement and wedding planning seem to take on special meaning for women. We dream as young girls of our wedding day. We make bouquets out of paper towel rolls and tissue paper. A towel on our head serves as a make-shift veil.

After the pomp and circumstance I think that the future of being husband and wife is the real prize. The dress, party, flowers and rings are just decoration and sparkle added to true reason.

We didn’t have an engagement party. I don’t think it was trendy when we got engaged. Now when my nieces and nephews have gotten engaged we knew that there would be a party. My niece got her favors from us ( of course, as if I’d have her go anywhere else!). She chose the With This Ring Bottle Stoppers.  She has a lot of friends who are wine drinkers and figured that they would get use out of them. Plus, look at them! They are classy, elegant and have the bling factor!
Who wouldn’t want to get one as a favor?

Did you have an engagement party? If so, were there gifts? Favors? Was it just a chance to announce the upcoming wedding and tell people to save the date? We’d love to hear all about your engagement!
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Save Money, Buy Solids!

Solids are coming to The Rosemary Company!   Over the last year we’ve been adding solid color tableware to our site.

Why solids?

 To save you MONEY without sacrificing COLOR or STYLE.

1. SAVE MONEY:  Our solid color partyware is packaged in bulk, which means you get more for your money.  For the same price that you would generally pay for 8 plates or 16 napkins, you’ll get 24 plates, and 50 napkins.  Savings!

2. ADD COLOR:  It’s so easy to mix and match with solids.  Take the themed tableware you like, say 2 Love Birds, and match it with a few select items in solid colors.  Black Velvet goes perfectly with the 2 Love Birds line.  Instead of ordering plates, napkins, tablecloths, and cups in the 2 Love Birds design, just order the plates and make the rest solid Black Velvet.  Not only will you save tons of money, but the 2 Love Birds plates will look amazing against your solid colored tableware.

3.  Throw a BIG party:  With our bulk amounts, you can afford that huge party you wanted.  Get 50 luncheon napkins for only $3.75!  That is a HUGE bargain.

We have an enormous variety of solid colored tableware for you to choose from:  Classic White, Mimosa Yellow, Candy Pink, Pastel Blue, Olive Green, Chocolate Brown, Luscious Lavender, and Black Velvet.

We also display our solids with our patterned tableware, so you can see which colors match which themes. 

Please CONTACT USif you have any questions about whether a solid color will match the theme you’re interested in.  We’re more than happy to help you find just what you’re looking for!

So Excited for Spring!

I love springtime!  Everything looks bright – vibrant greens, sunny yellows, eye-catching reds and oranges.  Light breezes carry the heady scents of lilac and tulips.  It’s so refreshing after a long, dreary winter (we’re in Michigan, where winter seems to never end) to see green grass and new buds on the trees.

Spring is one of my favorite times to throw a party (of course!).  There is no better reason to have a party than to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. 

There are several items we have at The Rosemary Company that are excellent choices for your springtime party (whether it’s a baby or bridal shower,).
For plates, napkins, and cutlery, I love our new line of Mimosa Yellow.  It’s like a big gulp of sunshine!  And it goes so well with many of our popular themes.  (For photos of Mimosa Yellow paired with different partyware, click here.)

A favor I really adore is the Hippity Hop Frog Notepad (it’s also a keychain) and Pen Favor (fluffy with a froggie face on top).   Kids and adults alike have a lot of fun with this favor.  It’s definitely eye-catching, but it’s useful too.

Other stuff you’ll love:  Our Place Cards that are also Plantable Seed Packets.  These are perfect for most any occasion, and they’re eco-friendly.  Seed packets are a customer favorite, and an excellent choice for a springtime event.  “Please Be Seeded” is printed in script across the top.  Other designs for the Plantable Place Cards include Starfish, Cherry Blossom, and Autumn Leaf.

Here’s a Sneak Peak at what’s coming next (online soon):

Blushing Bride:  Set the scene for a party with our Blushing Bride party supplies.  Lush bouquets and white wedding bells grace the front of this modern and very pretty line.  This line will feature a Lunch Plate, Dessert Plate, Dinner Napkin, Beverage Napkin, and Beverage Cup.  Coming Soon!

For a vintage feel mixed with a contemporary design, you’ll love the Perfect Match partyware collection.  Lovely with our new Chocolate Brown solid partyware line, polka dots and whimsical sketches make this collection the perfect match for your party!  We’ll soon list Luncheon & Dessert Plates, Luncheon & Dessert Napkins, a Centerpiece, Invitations, and a Printable Invite too!  Sure to be a customer favorite!

Don’t miss our new solids: Chocolate Brown, Lovely Lavender, & Black Velvet.  Solids are perfect to mix and match.  These new colors will be online soon.  Happy Spring!

When you frost a cupcake, you spread love.

Cupcakes are a great treat for all kinds of parties! Easy to decorate with cute picks and no worries about taking serving utensils for divvying up the goodies!

One of my favorite products is our cupcake picks.   Talk about one stop shopping! Liners for cute serving containers and picks for easy decoration! It’s so much fun to bake and decorate.  You can ice the cupcakes, throw on some sprinkles and place the pick in for a festive look!  And so economical! Easy cleanup is a big bonus as well!

 No slicing up the cake, worrying about who gets the most frosting, who gets the corner piece and how in the world are you going to fit the leftover cake in the fridge.

Our Froggie Cupcake Picks were perfect for a Frog Prince themed event.  The cupcakes were iced with blue-green frosting and then we piped on green lily pads.     It’s so easy to get carried away with your theme and have such fun creating decorations, food and of course the cupcakes!

If you have, or are, a girly girl, you will love our Princess picks. .

Princess PickAren’t they adorable! And they are washable, reusable and work for princess tea parties too.

Our last princess party (which may very well be the last as she seems to be outgrowing the little girl fun and heading toward pre-teen angst) was geared toward Cinderella and each girl received one of the Cinderella Slipper Fillable Favors in her goody bag.

Cupcakes just make this over-scheduled mom happy. The baking and decorating process gives us the time to just relax, take time out of our busy day and share in family time.  The easy serving and easy clean up gives you the time to sit back and enjoy while the party is going on.

Share your cupcake tips, pictures or stories with us! Have you used our picks to decorate? Leave us a picture. We love seeing the parties and events that our customers share with us!

“Every cupcakes gives us the chance to love, to learn, to dream, and to become more than we ever imagined.”

“If you are having one of those days….. eat cupcakes it helps!”

“Be KIND – Kindness is like serving cupcakes it makes life taste a little sweeter.”

Someday your prince will come, but first you have to kiss a few frogs.

I know I said a little bit about our new Frog Prince Bridal Shower Theme in a previous blog, but I just think it’s so adorable and unique that I had to devote a whole post to it.  Every little girl dreams about finding her prince charming. Most of us, as adult women, know it’s not as easy as it seems.   There are a lot of frogs out there and we have to wade through them to find the right guy.  When you find him that’s when the planning begins!


Frog Prince Bridal Shower

Let’s take it step by step.

  1. First you have to select the guest list. This can be more complicated than you think.  You have to decide if this will be a couples shower or ladies only.  Should it be a family only shower? Just friends? Or a mixture of both?
  2. Once you have the guest list ready you have some invites to address! Filling out those invites can be a daunting task.  We’ve made that process a little easier by offering Personalized Frog Prince Bridal Shower Invitations.  Let us do the work! You provide us with the Bride to Be’s name, the date, time and place for the shower.  We’ll also put the hostesses’ contact information down so people can RSVP.
  3. Once the invites are on their way and responses are starting to roll in, it’s time to start ordering the party supplies. You’ll need napkins, plates, napkins, cups and silverware.  We have lots of fun solid colored plates that you can mix and match with our Frog Prince Beverage Napkins.  Using solids is not only budget conscious, but also makes accent pieces easy to find!
  4. Now comes decorating. Our Deluxe Party Favor Display Stand does double duty! It works as a centerpiece and a display area for the cute favors your guest will take with them when the shower is over.  We chose the Prince Charming Candle Favors .  They are so cute!  Don’t forget to get some balloons to either mark the shower spot or dress up the cake table!
  5. Next comes the food. Your guests will arrive and they will be hungry.  All that is really required is cake and something to drink. Don’t let that stop you!  We do have a few food ideas on our Frog Prince Bridal Shower page. If you have more or some must have munchies, please feel free to leave it as a comment.
  6. Once your guests arrive you want to make sure they are having fun. Games have never been easier than our Personalized Frog Prince Scratch Off Game Cards.  Quick, easy, unique and personalized for the honoree.
  7. Lastly, the bridal shower is about making memories for the bride as well as helping the couple start out their new life together.  We suggest putting a Personalized Frog Prince Bridal Shower Advice Card at every place setting. Guests from young to old will have advice to give to the new bride.  These cards can be treasured for years to come in a scrapbook, or put away in a time capsule to look on later in the marriage.

I am so excited about this new line.  It’s so festive! Why not celebrate the bride to be finding her Prince Charming and starting her happily ever after with a Frog Prince Bridal Shower?


Frog Prince Candle Favor




Goodbye to Summer, Hello to Fall.

Even though it’s still warm outside, once the Fall comes and goes our thoughts turn to cooler temperatures. With the cooler weather come bursts of color in the trees before they loose those beautiful russet and gold leaves.  I just love fall.   If I had to plan my wedding all over again, I think it would be a fall wedding.  The color palette is just so rich and vibrant.

We here at The Rosemary Company would love to be part of your special day.  Check out a few of our fall favorites!

Are you planning a fall wedding? If you use our products as part of the big day, make sure to let us know! Send us pictures via email, tweet us, or post on our Facebook wall!

Don’t forget that we tweet coupon codes that are exclusively for our Twitter followers!

Also if you have tips for other fall brides, we’d love to have you share them! You can leave a comment right here on the blog, or tweet us and we’ll re-tweet the tip, or post on our wall!  You may have the answer to the problem that has been keeping a bride to be frazzled.

Gotta get back, back, back to school again…

It’s that time of  year again. The cheering you hear is from parents celebrating the return of school. The children may be gnashing their teeth and rubbing sleep from their eyes, but we know they’ll adjust.

Along with the elation of not having the kids saying they are bored every few minutes comes that sense of dread realizing you have to go shopping. Schools have such budget constraints now that they don’t provide much of anything.  From pencils and notebooks to calculators and glue sticks, your kids will have a huge list of stuff they need.  That usually means your pocketbook is under a lot of strain.

We decided to throw a “Goodbye to Summer, Hello to School” party.  We went with a fiesta theme.  My husband’s mother has taught us how to make the yummiest homemade tortillas!  I decided to use  Fiesta Partyware  because it was on sale and fit our theme.

The kids helped make tortillas and the guacamole for dipping and adding to tacos.  Homemade tortillas lend themselves to a fun taco bar!

We put out the meat, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, onions and let people make their own taco creation. It’s easy and no mess, no fuss. With the heavy duty plastic tablecovers we can just peel them off and wipe them down.  We also got the cute Margarita Picks for our appetizers and to hint to the adults that the celebration doesn’t end for them.

Speaking of parties. ..I’m a little bummed that my niece has already had her bridal shower. I am loving the new Frog Prince Bridal Shower Theme How cute is that? What  girl doesn’t know about kissing a few frogs to find Prince Charming? We know that the right one is hard to find, but is so worth the wait!  Check out our new theme if you know someone that is getting married? They will live “hoppily ever after.” I know, I just couldn’t help myself!

Whatever you are celebrating, we hope that you will include us in your special day. If you use our products at your shower, wedding or any other party we’d love to see your pictures! You can email them to us at  or visit us on Facebook or even tweet at us on Twitter!

Happy back to school and may you all find your Prince Charming!

Top 10 Bridal Shower Favors 2010

At The Rosemary Company, we’re very interested in what you like, so we can better server you.  That’s why we’ve put together our Bestselling Favors pages. 

Since it’s the time for Bridal Showers, here are our Top 10 Bridal Shower Favors for 2010 (so far!):

Our #1 Bestselling Bridal Shower Favor is our Crystal Rose Favor.  Good things come in small packages and this indulgent miniature measures a dainty 3 1/2″ in length and features a luminous crystal bud atop a silver metal stem with embossed leaves. Surrounded by satin, inside a signature silver heart design box (4 1/4″ x 1 7/8″), these favors are stunningly detailed. Finishing touches include an organza and satin bow topped with a crystal heart and an attached matching heart shaped tag. *Crystal is clear and colorless.

#2 is our Personalized Tea Favor with Caddy.  We have a large variety of different designs, colors, and fonts for you to choose from to create your own special favor.  Personalized tea bag available in several attractive designs, topped off with a porcelain teapot-shaped caddy. Teabag packaging is 3.25″ x 2.75″, teapot dish / caddy is 4.75″ x 3.25″. Imprint the name of the bride-to-be or couple and the event date – any two lines of your choice.

Champagne Fillable Favor Bottles is #3 for bestselling favors.  This favor is sooo versatile! Large 8″ tall and 2 1/2″ in diameter.   This is a very popular favor for baby showers, birthdays, retirements, and more!  The top of each bottle is wrapped with gold foil and shaped to resemble an actual champagne bottle. The bottom of the fillable favor bottle unscrews, and anything from candies to favors to a special message can be placed inside the bottle.The right fit for your party: this Cinderella Slipper Fillable Favor!

#4 is our Cinderella Slipper Fillable FavorTransparent plastic high-heeled “Glass Slipper” will turn any celebration into a magical affair.  The Cinderella Slipper Fillable Favor is large enough to fill with candies or treats, yet dainty enough to inspire fairy-tale fantasies. It’s the perfect way to make every female guest feel like a princess. Perfect with our Cinderella Slipper Fillable Prize-Size / Centerpiece for a bridal shower or engagement party. Dimensions: 3 .5″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″

#5 is our Dressed to the Nines Tuxedo or Gown Mint Tins.   Metal tins in a black and white Tuxedo or sophisticated Gown design add style and flair to your tables. Mix and match for all the ladies and gentlemen sharing in your special day.  Wrapped in individual clear poly bags, each tin measures 2 ¼” by 1 1/8” and makes a noteworthy container for any number of personal trinkets once your guests take them home. Minimum order of 12 of either design. (You’ll surely want some of each!).

To view #6 – #10, click here.

Make it a Tea Party!

Tea parties have come into vogue lately.  This is the perfect time for a tea party.  The end of February, beginning of March is usually cold and a bit dreary.  If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get out of the house.  The perfect excuse?  Throw someone a  party – and make it a tea party!

Create an inviting environment with cozy colors, vibrant hues, and the uplifting aroma of tea.  Your guests will adore the warm comforts of tea to combat the cold outside.  It’s the perfect way to transition from winter to spring.  Add red or orange tulips to compliment your theme, and introduce the first hints of spring into your party.  We even have tulip cupcake picks to match!

Here are some basic items to have at your tea party:  paper products in a “tea” theme, sugar cubes, sugar tongs, tea caddies, tea-themed favors, and decorations.  We have it all!

The Tea Pot Design Sugar Cube!
So cute!!

You’ll also want to check out our Tea Party Invitations.  Write your party information on the teabags and place inside the teacup.  So clever!  These are an obvious customer favorite!!

Tea parties are perfect for many occasions. For little girls, bridal showers, baby showers, etc.   Get your girlfriends together to ward off cabin fever and celebrate!  Spring is just around the corner, and a tea party is an excellent way to keep warm until it comes.  Enjoy!

 To view our Tea Party items, click HERE.

A Princess Party — For Grownups? Yes, You Can. Here’s How

Hand out tiaras to guests. Image: alicetiara

Thinking of hosting a “grown up” princess party? Ooh…so enchanting!

If you’ve never been the belle of your very own princess party, grab that tiara and remember that you’re never too mature to play royalty for a day.

Here’s how to put together a party that will enchant your guests and have everyone in the mood to celebrate.

But Wait. Isn’t a “Princess” Party for Little Girls?

Not anymore! In fact, the past few years have seen a whole host of retro and “be young again for a day” attitudes when it comes to party themes, decor and favors.

(The Hello Kitty phenomenon for grown-ups is one example that comes to mind – and not for just one day, either; we’ve seen some Hello Kitty purses that are to die for. That’s just one example – let your creativity soar!)

When to Host a Princess Party

Princess parties are great for birthdays, bridal showers, girl’s night out, graduation, a bachelorette party or a “we’ll miss you” party when a co-worker is ready to move on to new things.

Party Favors…Princess Style

A fillable favor with flavor.

Be as playful or as sophisticated as you want. Our readers lean toward the diva aspect of princess parties, and we couldn’t agree more. (Everybody loves being a diva!)

Cinderella and princess theme favors will make your party gorgeous. Pumpkin or glass slipper candles, slipper-shaped goody bags, and even a retro DVD of the original Cinderella (or your favorite Disney princess movie) make great favors for this theme.

Princess Party Atmosphere

So cute: whimisical cupcake picks.

Hand out tiaras to guests as they arrive. Serve oh-so-elegant finger foods, such as finger sandwiches/tea sandwiches, tea, scones and biscuits with jam from your local farmer’s market (in-season jams are the best!).

Add some bling with fanciful food decor and cupcake picks that fit your theme.

Use plenty of faux gems, feathers, faux pearls and lace in your decor. If you like a girley look, focus on pinks, purples and lavenders, with touches of metals (gold and silver).

Loop taffeta or another material in bunches all around the party table, castle banner-style.

Be the Belle of the Ball

Have a ball, princess. Image: richspalding

If you really want to kick things up a notch, have your princess party be a masqued ball.

Masks are easy to make (and inexpensive to buy; check out Amazon and Ebay). Have guests dress in their best and serve either a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Gorgeous!

Remember: It’s All About the Attitude

Extend the royal feel from your invitations to the party decor to take-home favors. Your guests will feel they’ve been delivered the full royal experience — and you’ll be the talk of the town.