A Princess Party — For Grownups? Yes, You Can. Here’s How

Hand out tiaras to guests. Image: alicetiara

Thinking of hosting a “grown up” princess party? Ooh…so enchanting!

If you’ve never been the belle of your very own princess party, grab that tiara and remember that you’re never too mature to play royalty for a day.

Here’s how to put together a party that will enchant your guests and have everyone in the mood to celebrate.

But Wait. Isn’t a “Princess” Party for Little Girls?

Not anymore! In fact, the past few years have seen a whole host of retro and “be young again for a day” attitudes when it comes to party themes, decor and favors.

(The Hello Kitty phenomenon for grown-ups is one example that comes to mind – and not for just one day, either; we’ve seen some Hello Kitty purses that are to die for. That’s just one example – let your creativity soar!)

When to Host a Princess Party

Princess parties are great for birthdays, bridal showers, girl’s night out, graduation, a bachelorette party or a “we’ll miss you” party when a co-worker is ready to move on to new things.

Party Favors…Princess Style

A fillable favor with flavor.

Be as playful or as sophisticated as you want. Our readers lean toward the diva aspect of princess parties, and we couldn’t agree more. (Everybody loves being a diva!)

Cinderella and princess theme favors will make your party gorgeous. Pumpkin or glass slipper candles, slipper-shaped goody bags, and even a retro DVD of the original Cinderella (or your favorite Disney princess movie) make great favors for this theme.

Princess Party Atmosphere

So cute: whimisical cupcake picks.

Hand out tiaras to guests as they arrive. Serve oh-so-elegant finger foods, such as finger sandwiches/tea sandwiches, tea, scones and biscuits with jam from your local farmer’s market (in-season jams are the best!).

Add some bling with fanciful food decor and cupcake picks that fit your theme.

Use plenty of faux gems, feathers, faux pearls and lace in your decor. If you like a girley look, focus on pinks, purples and lavenders, with touches of metals (gold and silver).

Loop taffeta or another material in bunches all around the party table, castle banner-style.

Be the Belle of the Ball

Have a ball, princess. Image: richspalding

If you really want to kick things up a notch, have your princess party be a masqued ball.

Masks are easy to make (and inexpensive to buy; check out Amazon and Ebay). Have guests dress in their best and serve either a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Gorgeous!

Remember: It’s All About the Attitude

Extend the royal feel from your invitations to the party decor to take-home favors. Your guests will feel they’ve been delivered the full royal experience — and you’ll be the talk of the town.