Should You Have a Honeymoon Registry? Sure – and Here’s How


Image credit: Jacobus van Eeden

Okay, now I admit it: I am totally intrigued by the idea of a honeymoon registry.

When I first heard about this concept, I thought, “No way!” But you know what, lovelies? On further thought, it might not be such a bad idea after all.

In fact, it may just be spectacular.

It can be difficult to know what just the right wedding gift is. That’s why the concept of wedding registries was created: you know you’re giving the bride and groom what they really want. But today, with couples marrying slightly older than in the past, many couples have their own households already, either individually or together. And honestly, just how many spoons and Cuisinarts can one couple need?

A honeymoon registry is perfect for couples who know what they want — an incredible, very memorable beginning to their wonderful marriage. And there’s so much that can go into a honeymoon registry, from disposable cameras to beach towels to luggage tags.

So how do you create a honeymoon registry? Well, first…

Wake up to a great honeymoon!

Make Sure the Gifts are Reasonably Priced

Sure, it would be great to include your airfare and hotel stay in the honeymoon. But really now. Expecting people to pay for such high-ticket items isn’t very reasonable. (I’m sure you already know this!)

So choose a honeymoon registry site (or choose individual pieces) with guests’ budgets in mind. If you’d like help with your biggest-ticket honeymoon items, ask individuals you are very close to, and leave the request off the official registry list.

Gifts are an Option — Not an Expectation

Extra, extra, write all about it! Cute honeymoon sandals.

Of course most — probably all — of your guests will be giving a gift. And it’s pretty declasse not to give one. But you don’t need to worry about your guests’ etiquette in this case; just worry about your own. Make sure guests know that if they wish to give a gift, the registry is what you’d love for them to choose from.

Give Guests Plenty of Time

Get your registry info out early. Give guests lots of time to choose the gift they’d like to give.

Supply a Range of Price Options

Guests should be comfortable with the amount they spend on your wedding gift. Mom, Dad and your bestie will obviously be willing to go in for the bigger-ticket items if it’s within their budget; other, less-close family and friends may wish for more economical choices.

Find Out if Your Hotel Has its Own Honeymoon Registry

This makes things even more fun. You’ll be able to offer choices such as a spa facial, hotel amenities and possibly meals or entertainment. These will all add to your honeymoon experience — big fun!

Create Several Small Registries

If your hotel doesn’t offer a registry or if one store doesn’t seem to have enough options, you can always open several smaller registries at various locations. This will open up choices for both you and your guests.

Have Online Options

Nearly all major store chains and many smaller ones — even some local businesses — will have an online registry option. This makes things even easier for your guests, and it’s definitely your best option if some guests live far away from the store’s brick location.


This truly is a fun option. Have fun with your choices and really think about what you’ll need on your honeymoon. You’ll find you have a huge range of options — and you’ll have the best honeymoon ever!