Bridal Shower Stationery: The Good, the Even Better and the Surprisingly Affordable

What’s new, lovelies? We’ve got our own news for you: cute bridal shower stationery.

Here’s my take: stationery is one of the most important parts of any occasion. It sets the tone for the party or celebration and should reflect the guest-of-honor’s personality. I know that sounds cliche, but if you’ve already taken pains to make your celebration extraordinary, dropping the ball on the invitations and thank-you notes just doesn’t do your special day justice. Fact.

As always, we’ve been searching for ways to accomplish all this without our clients going over-budget. We are right there with you on that one. In fact, it’s always been Rosemary Company’s mission to find above-average, standout products that are budget-friendly. (That hasn’t been so easy to do, but it’s worth it.) Anyone can offer something that’s cheaply priced because it’s cheaply made. That’s not Rosemary Company.

We want gorgeous and affordable. We’re pretty stubborn about that. It has to be both — or it doesn’t get into our catalog.

Now that we’re done tooting our own horn, on to the goodies. We think you’re going to love them.

Antique Lace Thank You Cards

Oh so very pretty. (You already know from my past posts that I just love flowers.) The watercolor look and the pretty antique lace on these cards makes them very special. They’re part of a collection — click on the link to see the entire line. A package of eight cards is $3.95.

Bride-to-Bee Shower Invitations

Okay, PERFECT example of high quality and on-trend stationery on a budget. Twenty-five of these cute Bride-to-Bee collection invitations is just $8.50. This is one of my very favorite finds. It’s very popular right now among our brides-to-be(e).

The cheery yellow color is perfect for spring, summer and fall bridal showers.

Two Love Birds Keepsake Booklet

This very elegant booklet lets the bride-to-be record gifts as well as store memories of her special day. It’s part of the Love Birds collection, a hands-down favorite among our customers. The stripes are very retro, while the lacy look of the flap delivers charm. The booklet retails for $3.75.

Bride 2 Be Dots Advice Cards

The Dots collection is so sassy. These advice cards get guests into the spirit of the day and are a great way to break the ice, as well as fill in that “quiet time” before all your guests arrive. Hand each guest an advice card and a pen as she enters, then ask her to deliver any words of wisdom she has on the wedding, the marriage and life in general as a couple. This will become a beloved gift to the bride-to-be for years to come.

Look for more cool bridal shower stationery here. You’ll also find suggestions for matching accessories in case you’re having a themed bridal shower. Also be sure to review any Rosemary Company products you’ve chosen and send them in to us. Like a fine wine (or a great marriage), we only want to get better over time! Looking forward to hearing from you!