True love stories don’t have endings.

Getting engaged has to be the biggest event in a young woman’s life. A young man as well, but engagement and wedding planning seem to take on special meaning for women. We dream as young girls of our wedding day. We make bouquets out of paper towel rolls and tissue paper. A towel on our head serves as a make-shift veil.

After the pomp and circumstance I think that the future of being husband and wife is the real prize. The dress, party, flowers and rings are just decoration and sparkle added to true reason.

We didn’t have an engagement party. I don’t think it was trendy when we got engaged. Now when my nieces and nephews have gotten engaged we knew that there would be a party. My niece got her favors from us ( of course, as if I’d have her go anywhere else!). She chose the With This Ring Bottle Stoppers.  She has a lot of friends who are wine drinkers and figured that they would get use out of them. Plus, look at them! They are classy, elegant and have the bling factor!
Who wouldn’t want to get one as a favor?

Did you have an engagement party? If so, were there gifts? Favors? Was it just a chance to announce the upcoming wedding and tell people to save the date? We’d love to hear all about your engagement!
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