A Princess Party — For Grownups? Yes, You Can. Here’s How

Hand out tiaras to guests. Image: alicetiara

Thinking of hosting a “grown up” princess party? Ooh…so enchanting!

If you’ve never been the belle of your very own princess party, grab that tiara and remember that you’re never too mature to play royalty for a day.

Here’s how to put together a party that will enchant your guests and have everyone in the mood to celebrate.

But Wait. Isn’t a “Princess” Party for Little Girls?

Not anymore! In fact, the past few years have seen a whole host of retro and “be young again for a day” attitudes when it comes to party themes, decor and favors.

(The Hello Kitty phenomenon for grown-ups is one example that comes to mind – and not for just one day, either; we’ve seen some Hello Kitty purses that are to die for. That’s just one example – let your creativity soar!)

When to Host a Princess Party

Princess parties are great for birthdays, bridal showers, girl’s night out, graduation, a bachelorette party or a “we’ll miss you” party when a co-worker is ready to move on to new things.

Party Favors…Princess Style

A fillable favor with flavor.

Be as playful or as sophisticated as you want. Our readers lean toward the diva aspect of princess parties, and we couldn’t agree more. (Everybody loves being a diva!)

Cinderella and princess theme favors will make your party gorgeous. Pumpkin or glass slipper candles, slipper-shaped goody bags, and even a retro DVD of the original Cinderella (or your favorite Disney princess movie) make great favors for this theme.

Princess Party Atmosphere

So cute: whimisical cupcake picks.

Hand out tiaras to guests as they arrive. Serve oh-so-elegant finger foods, such as finger sandwiches/tea sandwiches, tea, scones and biscuits with jam from your local farmer’s market (in-season jams are the best!).

Add some bling with fanciful food decor and cupcake picks that fit your theme.

Use plenty of faux gems, feathers, faux pearls and lace in your decor. If you like a girley look, focus on pinks, purples and lavenders, with touches of metals (gold and silver).

Loop taffeta or another material in bunches all around the party table, castle banner-style.

Be the Belle of the Ball

Have a ball, princess. Image: richspalding

If you really want to kick things up a notch, have your princess party be a masqued ball.

Masks are easy to make (and inexpensive to buy; check out Amazon and Ebay). Have guests dress in their best and serve either a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Gorgeous!

Remember: It’s All About the Attitude

Extend the royal feel from your invitations to the party decor to take-home favors. Your guests will feel they’ve been delivered the full royal experience — and you’ll be the talk of the town.

An Autumn Bridal Shower

Hold your party outdoors if you can — just make sure to rent a tent. Image credit: blmiers2

Fall is coming, and orders for our fall themed items are through the roof! We love your support — and we love autumn. What a gorgeous time for a bridal shower.

Since so many of you have asked for tips on hosting a fall bridal shower, today I’ll be talking about how to create the perfect party. Read on for all the fun fall details.

Tip #1: Hold the Party Outdoors if Possible

Fall can be a tricky season in some climates, but if the weather allows, hold the shower outside.

  • Rent or buy (or borrow, if a friend has one) a pretty party tent. This way, if it’s overcast and drizzly, you can continue the party outdoors.
  • Have an indoor backup plan in case of more severe weather. Clear out some space in your living or dining room, set out a pretty tablecloth and have plenty of seating available.
  • Decorate the area with faux leaves, vines, autumn fruits and nuts. Believe it or not, I’ve found quality renditions at my local dollar store! Decorate the tent, chairs and table. You can also use faux autumn foliage as a table centerpiece.
  • If it gets chilly in your area in the fall, you may want to look into renting some safe outdoor space heaters.

Tip #2: Choose Autumn Theme Stationery

This will really set the mood. Pretty stationery also makes a great keepsake for the

Pretty place card holders set the theme.

bride-to-be and guests.

  • Send out autumn theme or autumn colored invitations. If you’re e-mailing invites, choose a template in fall colors.
  • Put out fall theme place cards for an elegant touch.
  • As a special service to the bride-to-be, buy autumn thank-you notes. Give them to her after the shower. That’s one less purchase for the couple; they’ll appreciate the thought.

Tip #3: Give Out Fall Party Favors

Choose favors in autumn colors or with a fall type feel. You don’t need to break the bank on these. Either the favors themselves should have an autumn theme, or they should be placed in fall-colored bags or boxes.

Chocolate covered nuts, chocolate or candy covered sesame seeds, or fall colored and/or scented candles are great choices.

Tip #4: Serve Fall Foods

Take advantage of the produce of fall by serving up nature’s bounty.

  • Check out your local farmer’s market for fresh fruits in-season.
  • Serve nuts. You can roast your own nuts with either a sweet or savory flavor simply by placing them in one layer on a Pam-sprayed baking sheet and sprinkling with flavors. For a sweet flavor, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar. Yum!
  • Buy or make apple cider and serve in pretty glasses.
  • Bake flavors that include pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. Pumpkin bars or squares are a delicious choice.

Finish with a nice gift for the bride-to-be. A pot full of chrysanthemums or mini sunflowers is a pretty idea that’s fall-themed and should last for quite some time. This can also double as a party centerpiece.

Have fun with this theme — fall is ripe with creative ideas for any party and will make your shower absolutely gorgeous.




Hosting a Baby Shower When You Don’t Know the Gender

Time was, parents didn’t know their child-to-be’s gender until the doctor held up the new baby and announced, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”

Today, with the advent of ultrasounds and amniocentisis, it’s rare that Mom and Dad don’t know the gender. Many parents feel they can connect better and earlier to the baby when they know whether they’re having a bouncing baby boy or a sweet baby girl.

Yet interestingly, there remains that small faction that truly wants to be surprised on “birth day.” We’re all for it — what can be more special than that moment when you truly meet your new baby?

However, this suprise factor can mean a bit more forethought when buying gifts for Baby. If you don’t know the gender of the baby-to-be, how do you host a baby shower and select gifts? It’s easier than you may think. Here are some easy ideas for a baby shower that’s appropriate for either a little boy or a little girl.

Gender-Neutral Colors

A sweet pea - perfect for baby-to-be.

The colors yellow and green are both appropriate for either sex, so choose decor based on these colors. Yellow and green streamers, a cute green tablecloth and yellow party invitations will give your shower a color theme that’s just right.

White is another obvious, easy color choice and perfect for any baby shower. Also, don’t discount lavender — it’s no longer a “girly” color and gives a soft baby feel without assigning a girl or boy feel.

Unisex Baby Clothes

If you’re giving clothing as a gift, try these options:

  • white onesies, short and long-sleeved
  • white, yellow or green pants
  • simple pullover sweaters
  • plain white, soft socks
  • clothing with unisex decor – animals, circus clowns, ducks
  • yellow or green sleep sacks
  • white hand mittens (so that baby can’t accidentally scratch his or her face)

For the Nursery

If the parents have already picked out a theme for the nursery, follow those cues. (For a surprise shower, try to get this information from a family member or close friend.) Otherwise, choose on of these:

  • unisex-colored receiving blankets
  • unisex-colored decorative hanging pillows
  • an animal themed picture for the wall
  • a nightlight
  • stuffed animals (never keep these in baby’s crib)
  • a neutral-color throw blanket for a rocking chair

For the Bath

Babies love bathtime! Here are some great non-gender ideas.

  • soft terry washcloths
  • a green, purple, yellow or blue baby bathtub, or one in a unisex decoration (such as farm animals)
  • baby soap
  • “tearless” baby shampoo
  • talc-free baby powder
  • rubber duckies, plastic play rings

For the Parents

Be sure to think of Mom and Dad too! Here are some great items that don’t need a color or gender theme:

  • baby bottles, if the parents will be bottle-feeding
  • nipple pads, if Mom will be nursing
  • diapers – a diaper cake is a great way to present this gift
  • a gift certificate for Mom and Dad to see a movie, get a massage or have a relaxing pedicure
  • a collection of diaper coupons
  • a collection of infant formula coupons, or a case of formula (find out which kind the parents will be choosing for the baby)
  • baby care books

See? Easy! You really don’t need pink or green to make a baby shower great — nor do you need airplanes and construction trucks or flowers and ruffles. Enjoy the shower — and then enjoy the surprise when the parents announce the baby’s gender on the big day.




Should You Have a Honeymoon Registry? Sure – and Here’s How


Image credit: Jacobus van Eeden

Okay, now I admit it: I am totally intrigued by the idea of a honeymoon registry.

When I first heard about this concept, I thought, “No way!” But you know what, lovelies? On further thought, it might not be such a bad idea after all.

In fact, it may just be spectacular.

It can be difficult to know what just the right wedding gift is. That’s why the concept of wedding registries was created: you know you’re giving the bride and groom what they really want. But today, with couples marrying slightly older than in the past, many couples have their own households already, either individually or together. And honestly, just how many spoons and Cuisinarts can one couple need?

A honeymoon registry is perfect for couples who know what they want — an incredible, very memorable beginning to their wonderful marriage. And there’s so much that can go into a honeymoon registry, from disposable cameras to beach towels to luggage tags.

So how do you create a honeymoon registry? Well, first…

Wake up to a great honeymoon!

Make Sure the Gifts are Reasonably Priced

Sure, it would be great to include your airfare and hotel stay in the honeymoon. But really now. Expecting people to pay for such high-ticket items isn’t very reasonable. (I’m sure you already know this!)

So choose a honeymoon registry site (or choose individual pieces) with guests’ budgets in mind. If you’d like help with your biggest-ticket honeymoon items, ask individuals you are very close to, and leave the request off the official registry list.

Gifts are an Option — Not an Expectation

Extra, extra, write all about it! Cute honeymoon sandals.

Of course most — probably all — of your guests will be giving a gift. And it’s pretty declasse not to give one. But you don’t need to worry about your guests’ etiquette in this case; just worry about your own. Make sure guests know that if they wish to give a gift, the registry is what you’d love for them to choose from.

Give Guests Plenty of Time

Get your registry info out early. Give guests lots of time to choose the gift they’d like to give.

Supply a Range of Price Options

Guests should be comfortable with the amount they spend on your wedding gift. Mom, Dad and your bestie will obviously be willing to go in for the bigger-ticket items if it’s within their budget; other, less-close family and friends may wish for more economical choices.

Find Out if Your Hotel Has its Own Honeymoon Registry

This makes things even more fun. You’ll be able to offer choices such as a spa facial, hotel amenities and possibly meals or entertainment. These will all add to your honeymoon experience — big fun!

Create Several Small Registries

If your hotel doesn’t offer a registry or if one store doesn’t seem to have enough options, you can always open several smaller registries at various locations. This will open up choices for both you and your guests.

Have Online Options

Nearly all major store chains and many smaller ones — even some local businesses — will have an online registry option. This makes things even easier for your guests, and it’s definitely your best option if some guests live far away from the store’s brick location.


This truly is a fun option. Have fun with your choices and really think about what you’ll need on your honeymoon. You’ll find you have a huge range of options — and you’ll have the best honeymoon ever!



What’s New for Fall?

Good news, party planners and fall brides-to-be: The Rosemary Company has some gorgeous new additions (and popular favorites) just for you!

Fall is so beautiful it’s a celebration all by itself. Autumn’s gorgeous colors, smells (fallen leaves and cinnamon apple pie, mmm) and that hint of crispness in the air all lend themselves to some fabulous party decor and favor ideas. We’ve captured them all and we’re happy to present our favorites to you.

 Autumn Leaf Candle/Place Card Holder

White frosted glass gives the white votive candle inside a soft autumn glow. A leaf perches atop the candle holder in an amazing coil design. Heart embellishments glow in sumptuous amber.

Allow your guests to keep their place card holder as a memento or keep for the next gorgeous fall party. Order just a few, or buy more and save (click the pic for more info).

Frosted Leaf Glass Coasters Gift Set

These are just gorgeous. Give them to your bridesmaids and groomsmen…they’re the perfect way to say “thank you.”

Divided into fours, each square decorating the coaster has a pretty leaf imprint. Two images are clear glass on a frosted background; the other two are frosted leaves on a clear background.

Each coaster measures a generous 4″X4″. Click for purchasing info and savings on larger orders.

Autumn Theme Tea Bag Favors

From the “Love is Brewing” series, this idea is sweet! An individual tea bag is encased in one of our favorite designs, Autumn Romance. It’s perfect for a tea party bridal shower or as a little extra in your thank you notes.

Customize with your own font and ink style and color. Minimum order of 12, then in additional increments of 4.

Put one by each guest’s dessert plate — they’ll love this thoughtful thank-you.

Autumn Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper

This is a great groomsman/usher’s gift. It’s a sophisticated and thoughtful bridal shower favor, too.

And at only $2.99 per piece (lower for larger purchases — see details), it’s a steal.

This favor is extremely popular among our clients. Sturdy metal covered in bronze leaf makes this gift a show-stopper. It’s the perfect mix of quality, utility and outstanding beauty.

A part of our exclusive Vineyard Collection, each stopper measures 4 1/4″ X 3″ X 3″. Pretty packaging includes a sparkling bronze organza bow.

Our customers also love these for dinner parties and intimate get-togethers with friends and loved ones.

Latex Balloons in the Perfect Autumn Colors

Don’t forget the balloons! Balloons make any party more special.

They can be sophisticated and sumptuous, too — just look at these pretty fall colors.

Chocolate (shown at left) is a great tie-in for fall and complements all your autumn colors, including gold, red, yellow and orange.

The silver and gold combo (at right) sets off the chocolate balloons perfectly.

At as little as $.28 per balloon, they fit any budget — so fill the room with autumn color!

Remember to send in your pictures of how you used Rosemary Company selections for your own party. You may be featured in an upcoming blog!



Baby Shower Gifts That’ll Knock Their Booties Off

My friends all know me as The Gift Lady. I absolutely love to shop for every celebration. (Just ask my husband. And my wallet!)

Why not? A wedding, a retirement, a new baby…these are one-of-a-kind special occasions. There’s nothing I like better than finding that perfect special something for someone I love. What I’ve found is that grown-ups love gifts every bit as much as youngsters do, so here are a few of my faves for the big people celebrating a new baby.

Diaper Cake

Still one of my all-time favorite baby shower gifts. It’s practical and it’s adorable. If you use newborn size diapers, you can get tons of them in, but I find Size Ones are perfect, since that’s just about the time new parents are running out of the gifts they received at their shower.

I love this one:

The diapers fit an 8-14 lb. baby. The “cake” comes in three sizes: 2-tier, classic and mini. Personalization is free. Don’t you just love Winnie the Pooh? I love this one too:

Such sweet little froggies. All three sizes are shown and rush delivery is available if you’re putting together a last-minute shower. So cute!

Training Treats for New Dads

Check this out:

Can you say “full of LOLz”? It’s rare that a dad-to-be loves the typical “daddy” gift, but he’ll eat these right up. Three yummy treats come in each package. Use sparingly — make him work for it, Mom!

New Daddy Tool Belt

Here’s another awesome gift for the new Daddy:

What makes us laugh most are the goggles (perfect for those changings…particularly if a little boy is on the way), but every piece of this gift is special. The button makes the perfect memento for Dad. It also comes with more practical additions, such as the diaper and a mini container of baby powder.

Keepsake Corsage

This little flower will bloom forever. I love keepsakes, and this will fit into a scrapbook.

This corsage includes a sweet poem. Mom-to-be can wear it during the shower, then keep it forever. My favorite type of flower! You can find more corsage choices here.

Choose your baby shower gifts with the parents’ personalities in mind. Are Mom and Dad funny? Traditional? Do they have a favorite color? Do they have a color or pattern theme picked out for the nursery? Ask around and find these details out before picking out gifts for the parents-to-be. We promise they’re going to love you for it.


Bridal Shower Stationery: The Good, the Even Better and the Surprisingly Affordable

What’s new, lovelies? We’ve got our own news for you: cute bridal shower stationery.

Here’s my take: stationery is one of the most important parts of any occasion. It sets the tone for the party or celebration and should reflect the guest-of-honor’s personality. I know that sounds cliche, but if you’ve already taken pains to make your celebration extraordinary, dropping the ball on the invitations and thank-you notes just doesn’t do your special day justice. Fact.

As always, we’ve been searching for ways to accomplish all this without our clients going over-budget. We are right there with you on that one. In fact, it’s always been Rosemary Company’s mission to find above-average, standout products that are budget-friendly. (That hasn’t been so easy to do, but it’s worth it.) Anyone can offer something that’s cheaply priced because it’s cheaply made. That’s not Rosemary Company.

We want gorgeous and affordable. We’re pretty stubborn about that. It has to be both — or it doesn’t get into our catalog.

Now that we’re done tooting our own horn, on to the goodies. We think you’re going to love them.

Antique Lace Thank You Cards

Oh so very pretty. (You already know from my past posts that I just love flowers.) The watercolor look and the pretty antique lace on these cards makes them very special. They’re part of a collection — click on the link to see the entire line. A package of eight cards is $3.95.

Bride-to-Bee Shower Invitations

Okay, PERFECT example of high quality and on-trend stationery on a budget. Twenty-five of these cute Bride-to-Bee collection invitations is just $8.50. This is one of my very favorite finds. It’s very popular right now among our brides-to-be(e).

The cheery yellow color is perfect for spring, summer and fall bridal showers.

Two Love Birds Keepsake Booklet

This very elegant booklet lets the bride-to-be record gifts as well as store memories of her special day. It’s part of the Love Birds collection, a hands-down favorite among our customers. The stripes are very retro, while the lacy look of the flap delivers charm. The booklet retails for $3.75.

Bride 2 Be Dots Advice Cards

The Dots collection is so sassy. These advice cards get guests into the spirit of the day and are a great way to break the ice, as well as fill in that “quiet time” before all your guests arrive. Hand each guest an advice card and a pen as she enters, then ask her to deliver any words of wisdom she has on the wedding, the marriage and life in general as a couple. This will become a beloved gift to the bride-to-be for years to come.

Look for more cool bridal shower stationery here. You’ll also find suggestions for matching accessories in case you’re having a themed bridal shower. Also be sure to review any Rosemary Company products you’ve chosen and send them in to us. Like a fine wine (or a great marriage), we only want to get better over time! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Baby, Baby, Baby

Congratulations! If you’ve found this post that means you’re pregnant or you are throwing a shower for a dear one with a sweet baby on the way. Such a special time! Each life is precious and we have no doubt that this baby will be welcomed with love and joy.

I know that the baby shower has to be just so. It seemed like when I was pregnant I was more particular and gotta love my family for catering to my every whim.

We had a Winnie The Pooh Shower when we had our first baby. Winnie still seems to be popular.

Right now though, the trend I’m noticing is owls. They are everywhere! Cute and sweet, great for a boy or a girl. Check out our Happi Tree Collection! So adorable! What do you think?

We have coordinating favors too! Our oh so cute Adorable Owl Candles make a perfect gift for your guests. Not sure what the gender is? That’s ok, mix it up with pink and blue.


That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Well, these cookies won’t actually crumble, but just thought I’d get your attention.

We have a great selection of Fortune Cookies! Bridal Shower, Wedding, Baby, even just for the guys in your life! Check out our vast color and design choices. Best of all, you can personalize the sayings! I’ve been to showers with fortune cookies and most have a generic message, but won’t your guests be impressed when they crack open that yummy cookie and find a message that is just for you?











“Love is patient, love is kind”

“How long do you wanna be loved? Is forever enough, is forever enough?”

“Today I marry my best friend. Marta & Kevin June 7, 2013″

“Retirement: Bring on the fun, now that the work is done!”

Back in action

Why hello there! We are back! We missed you so! We’ve been busy bees working on a brand new site!

What do you think? I am loving the new, simple elegance. Not only did our site get a make over, but we have added so many new things! Be sure to come and check them out. Tell us what you think! We love hearing from our customers and we value each and every opinion!

From engagement, to bridal, to baby…we’ve got you covered!

Some of my favorites from our new products are:

Take a seat and look around. Let us know what your favorites are! We love to hear from  you!